Information System to Solve Industrial Planning and Scheduling Problems

Goal: The project objective was to develop software system prototype that would act as a framework to easily integrate planning and scheduling mathematical optimization models for manufacturing processes, to an organization Enterprise System. Key qualities of the prototype were: the ability to change models easily without requiring reprogramming, and a simple and configurable set up of the Enterprise System to interoperate with.

This project was the Thesis from my Information Systems Engineering degree.

Participants: Melina Vidoni, Dr. Maria Analia Rodriguez (Co-Advisor), Prof. Aldo Vecchietti (Advisor).

Dr Melina Vidoni
Software Manager @ eWater

Software Manager @ eWater. Lecturer @ ANU (on leave).


(2013). E2OL: Sistema de Planeamiento y Scheduling Personalizable e Integrable con ERPs. 1º Congreso Nacional de Ingeniería Informática y Sistemas de Información (CoNaIISI). Vol. 1, pp37-53.

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(2013). Integración de Modelos de Planeamiento y Scheduling en Sistemas de Información Empresariales. 42º Jornadas Argentina de Informática e Investigación Operativa, 2º Simposio Argentino de Informatica Industrial (SII). Vol. 1, pp274-286.

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