Software Engineering Contributions to Operational Research Interventions

Goal: Since Operational Research (OR) discovered “wicked” or “messy” problems, many contributions have been made to simplify the solving of this type of situations. These methodologies are usually known as Soft-OR. However, there are still gaps in this research area. Software Engineering (SE) has addressed this gaps before and, due to the similarity that exists between both disciplines, this project aims to apply SE concepts, techniques and methods to OR interventions. The overall goal is to assist in the development of OR models and to provide means to enhance their code quality.

Hyphothesis: Software Engineering concepts can contribute and assist in the development of Operational Research projects.

Participants: Dr. Melina Vidoni, Dr. Laura Cunico.

Dr Melina Vidoni

PhD in Information Systems Engineering, Lecturer at RMIT Computer Science/Software Engineering, Associate Editor of rOpenSci.