Software Engineering in R Programming

Goal: Many studies related to empirical Software Engineering (SE) are often conducted over object-oriented programming (OOP) projects, with an special focus on Java. This covers a myriad of topics, such as project management and up to code-related issues such as technical debt and maintainability. However, there are many more programming paradigms besides OOP. SE topics can and should be studied in other areas, such as in R programming.

Participants: - Dr. Melina Vidoni, Australian National University, Australia. - Dr Zadia Codabux, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. - Dr Fatemeh H. Fard, University of British Columbia, Canada.

Students: - Davin Ie and Pranjay Kumar (2021, RMIT University). - Dominic Yang, Richard Zhang (2022, ANU). - Pranav Chandramouli (2021-2022, University of Saskatchewan, Co-Supervised) - Rishab Sharma and Ramin Shahbazi (2021, University of British Columbia; temporal collaboration)

Dr Melina Vidoni
Software Manager @ eWater

Software Manager @ eWater. Lecturer @ ANU (on leave).


(2022). Understanding Roxygen Package Documentation in R. In Journal of Systems and Software, Vol 188.

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