Empirical Mining Software Repositories Research

Goal: Mining Software Repositories (MSRs) have become popular as evidence-based software engineering research that allows gathering and analysing large datasets of software-related data. This project studies MSRs as a methodology, to determine evidence-based processes and guidelines to conduct them, review studies using them, and assess the dichotomy of ‘privacy vs utility’ when striving for reproducibility.

Participants: - Dr. Melina Vidoni, Australian National University, Australia. - Dr Zadia Codabux, University of Saskatchewan, Canada. - Dr Fatemeh H. Fard, University of British Columbia, Canada. - Dr Nicolas Díaz-Ferreyra, University of Technology Hamburg, Germany.


Dr Melina Vidoni
Software Manager @ eWater

Software Manager @ eWater. Lecturer @ ANU (on leave).


(2022). Should I Get Involved? On the Privacy Perils of Mining Software Repositories for Research Participants. in Workshop on Recruiting Participants for Empirical Software Engineering (ROPES, Co-located with ICSE 2022).

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