An Intelligent Agent for ERP's Data Structure Analysis Based on ANSI/ISA-95 Standard


This paper presents an intelligent agent to analyze the ERP’s (Enterprise Resource Planning) system data structure and its compliance on the ANSI/ISA-95 standard. The knowledge base of the agent is generated using the manufacturing categories information provided by mentioned standard. The approach proposes an infrastructure of a knowledge-based agent that interacts with the database of an ERP system, in order to classify the information of ERP’s database tables according to the standard. Several study cases are evaluated and the results obtained are shown in different graphs. This is a first step to improve the interoperability between an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system that needs to be integrated with ERP’s especially in manufacturing and production companies.

In Computers in Industry. Vol. 73, pp39-50


The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support for the work presented in this article to CONICET through Project PIP 688, ANPCYT with grant PICT2012 2484 and Universidad Tecnológica Nacional through PID 25/O152.


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