Towards a Reference Architecture for Advanced Planning Systems


Advanced Planning Systems (APS) are important for production companies that seek the optimization of its operations. However there are gaps between the companies’ needs and its implementation in the Enterprise Systems, such as the lack of a commonly accepted definition, the short insight on its software architecture, and the absence of Software Engineering (SE) approaches to this type of system. Consequently, it is important to study APSs from a SE point of view. The motivation of this work is to present a Reference Architecture for APS, providing a standard-based characterization and a framework to simplify the design, development and implementation of APS. Therefore, two views are presented, which are based on the ‘4+1’ View Model endorsed by the international standard ISO/IEC 42010:2011; those Views are represented using UML diagrams and they are described including variation points for a number of possible situations.

In 18th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems. Vol. (1), pp433-440