Improving the Assessment of Advanced Planning Systems by Including Optimization Experts' Knowledge


Advanced Planning Systems (APS) are core for many production companies that require the optimization of its operations using applications and tools such as planning, scheduling, logistic, among others. Because of this, process optimization experts are required to develop those models and, therefore, are stakeholders for this system’s domain. Since the core of the APSs are models to improve the company performance, the knowledge of this group of stakeholders can enhance the APS architecture evaluation. However, methods available for this task require participants with extensive Software Engineering (SE) understanding. This article proposes a modification to ATAM (Architecture Trade-off Analysis Method) to include process optimization experts during the evaluation. The purpose is to create an evaluation methodology centred on what these stakeholders value the most in an APS, to capitalize their expertise on the area and obtain valuable information and assessment regarding the APS, model s and solvers interoperability.

In 19th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems. Vol 2, pp510-517


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