Towards an Agile Lifecycle in Operation Research Projects


Often, Operation Research (OR) interventions focus more on solving a specific problem than addressing the project as a whole. Even more, developers do not acknowledge OR models as systems that are part of an organisation. The lack of a methodology guiding the project complicates the introduction of changes in the model due to alterations in the requirements. However, these issues have already been acknowledged, addressed and solved in the Software Engineering (SE) discipline. Thus, considering the current contributions from SE to OR projects, and the solutions offered by the first, this article analyses more deeply the similarities existing in the lifecycles of projects aiming to narrow the gap that exists in OR research, due to the lack of project methodologies. A proposal is made regarding the flow of information refinement and lifecycle phases predominant in OR projects; an initial theoretical adaptation of Feature Driven Development showcases their potential and possibilities. Aft er this, current limitations and future works are discussed.

In 20th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems. Vol 1, pp432-440


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