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Translation of ‘R for Data Science’ Book

(2018-2019) This is a voluntary project to translate the book ‘R for Data Science’, by Hadley Wickam.

Software Engineering Contributions to Operational Research Interventions

(2017-2019) This project aims to apply Software Engineering concepts, techniques and methods to Operational Research interventions. The overall goal is to assist in the development of OR models and to provide means to enhance their code quality.

Analysis, Characterization, Design and Development of APS to Optimize Manufacturing Processes

(2013-2017) My PhD Thesis project aimed to study Advanced Planning Systems (APS) from a Software Engineering (SE) point of view, aiming to bridge the current gap in research, providing sound concepts and definitions founded in current international SE standars.

Information System to Solve Industrial Planning and Scheduling Problems

(2012-2013) The goal was to develop software system prototype framework to easily integrate planning and scheduling mathematical optimization models for manufacturing processes, to Enterprise Systems. It the Thesis from my Information Systems Engineering degree.


During Semester 2 of 2019, I am part of the following courses at RMIT University:


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