Analysis, Characterization, Design and Development of APS to Optimize Manufacturing Processes

Goal: This project aims to study Advanced Planning Systems (APS) from a Software Engineering (SE) point of view, aiming to bridge the current gap in research, providing sound concepts and definitions founded in current international SE standars. It aims to:

  • To provide a definition that would consider APS as systems and not only as models, including generic Functional Requirements and Quality Attributes.

  • Propose means to improve exchange of manufacturing information with Enterprise Systems by using the standardized concepts of the ANSI/ISA-95 standard.

  • Generate and evaluate a Reference Architecture to characterize the APS domain and simplify future in-house development of APS modules in SME (Small and Medium Enterprises).

This project was my PhD thesis. Degree: PhD on Information Systems Engineering.

Participants: Eng. Melina Vidoni, Prof. Jorge Marcelo Montagna (Co-Advisor), Prof. Aldo Vecchietti (Advisor).

Dr Melina Vidoni
Software Manager @ eWater

Software Manager @ eWater. Lecturer @ ANU (on leave).


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